If you joined facebook in 2010,2011,2012, You must be familiar with one of these names, Juicywettasty- unforgetable Hamidah Nagayi Likesithard,,,General Sweetman and wekole Obusolosolo and if you are not familiar with @least one of them, then believe me, you joined facebook in 2012 or 2013…
*NOTE*: facebook stardom is when you are trending on facebook.
For newbies, In 2010 and 2011, facebook had some stars that would leave you puzzled and here they are :
General-Sweetman: This dude was the person behind some funny pages like “Ugandan Disses”.He had clocked the facebook friend limit. he used afemale photoshoped pic as his profile pic. so many guys used to fall apray. I really liked it when guys were busy Pick lining her. yes he was famous on facebook and my irrefutable evidence is “Girls used to vibe him” whenever he liked agirl’s photo, that girl would write on his wall “Thanks gen for the photo like”. His posts could get masssive likes and comments. After guys finding out that he was “He”. Romour started spreading on facebook that he (General sweetman) was gay and after afew months, he disappeared like aghost.
Juicywettasty- unforgetable Hamidah Nagayi Likesithard:::: First, don’t ask me what she likes hard because i also don’t know but one thing i know for sure, she was that girl every facebooker would yell for.reached the friend limit. Many believe she was/is “Athot” and her posts said it all. her profile says that she studied on “Private parts school” (don’t ask me where it is found) she was aclose friend to miss “X” (our last fallen facebook star) they could chat publicly on how they slept with acertain minister. Some dudes you call investors came to uganda to invest in this hottie. and let’s be honest which indian wouldn’t like to get abite of Juicywettasty- unforgetable Hamidah Nagayi Likesithard’s lips? I remember one day she posted that “she s***d Tuff B’s B***s”.
Wekole Obusolosolo:: The name only forces you to send her afriend request,Doesn’t it! No only if you don’t understand luganda.
F.Y.I, “wekole obusolosolo” means “Do naughty things to yoself”
This one outbeat the two above, she joined facebook in 2011 and within two months, she had already reached the friend limit. So many guys and chics including our celebrities would cry for her to accept them as her friends.
Believe it,Leave it, Some guys used to wank on her photos and posts.
Whenever she uploaded anew photo,Guys would request to be tagged in. Her profile pics were liked by our musicians and other well known people.
her profile says “she worked in private sector as alove helper”
She could post anote and within 30 minutes, the note would have over 400 likes and over 200 comments.
she was aclose friend to Juicywettasty- unforgetable Hamidah Nagayi Likesithard and i guess she was her best friend online.
whenever you needed agirl/boy to sleep with,Wekole obusolosolo was the that middle woman. Her posts used to have over 350 comments each. yes even if she posted something like ” Hi or .”
Guys offered her outings on her wall (Though not sure wether she went there).
she appeared in redpepper and romour had it that she was the person behind “Mr.Hyena articles in redpepper” I must say she was finacialy stable but ever since bad black got arrested, she disappeared for afew months, deactivated her wekole obusolosolo account and opened anew one in the names of “Muzukulu wayesu”
All of those mentioned above are nolonger trending on facebook like they used to trend.
Till then, I remain yours truly Mukssteven.


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