MUSEVENI’S NRA SPIED ON KABAKA MUTEBI:The Buganda Kingdom was reinstated by the army council sitting in Gulu under the Chairmanship of Museveni. All along, Prince Mutebi was provided security by the NRA. Among his security detail was one Cpl. Sabuni from Ibanda. Cpl. Sabuni was from DMI under Counter Intelligence department who had been trained in intelligence by the North Koreans at Kireka. Cpl. Sabuni had the task of reporting on Prince Mutebi’s movements and associates. Later, as cracks between Buganda and Museveni came to the surface, intelligence services infiltrated the Lukiko. A member of the Lukiko, Salongo Ssenkayi, was recruited as a mole in the Lukiko. With Ssenkayi, security services were kept updated on developments in Mengo. However, as time went by, the Buganda establishment discovered that Ssenkayi was a mole. To enhance his personal security, Ssenkayi was issued with a pistol. Since he did not know how to operate it he was taken through a short orientation course by Pte Fred Aheirwe, the in-charge of arms at DMI. For perfection, Ssenkayi did his practicals by firing of rounds into the pit latrine at Basiima house. Later, when Aronda was the Deputy Director of Military Intelligence he used a one Ssalongo Lulika (Son of Mzei Katende of Makulubita and a Lukiko member) to spy on suspected Mengo’s dealings with Gen. Tinyefuza. That was in the early and mid 90s and given the souring relationship since then, guess how many moles Museveni runs within the Mengo establishment! No doubt, in every security agency there is a Buganda Desk responsible for monitoring every move by the Mengo establishment.
Till then, i remain yours truly mukssteven.


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