Awise man once said, “before you ask what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country” and to be honest here, this puzzles me everyday knowing that i haven’t done anything for my country and the world @large.
Truth is i’m not that rich but iam capable of helping others.
and guess what, ” I WANT TO DONATE MY CAR TO CHARITY”… Yes i said it , i want to donate my car to charity so that i help the needy ones.
So if know anyway that i can do so kindly send anEmail to me @ and if you don’t mind, tell me how “How to donate my car” and “Where to donate my car”.
I am into this with all ma heart. it’s like as if “the holy spirit” is on me.
I don’t care what they will do with my car. wether they sell it to get the money or the charity leaders use it as transport. all i want is to “donate my car to charity”.Remember the bible says “Blessed are those who give away for they will shall receive abaduntly”.
And that aside, you never know what might happen tomorrow. we are ONE wether Black or White. And it’s our responsibilty to make the world abetter place for every one.
i cease by saying “My Car is up for CHARITY DONATION”


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