Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) troops serving in Somalia under the African Mission In Somalia (AMISOM) have allegedly been selling weapons to alshabab militants. According to a shelved UN report that the controversial war correspondent Robert Young Pelton has unearthed, cash-strapped Ugandans are selling weapons to the insurgents. updf Uganda is the biggest contributor to the AU force of about 18,000. The force, funded mainly by the United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU) is fighting the al-Qaeda- linked al-Shabab group in Somalia. The US also contributes regular consignments of guns, rockets and ammo. The Ugandan army is faulted for withholding most of the peacekeepers’ $550 monthly paychecks, keeping the money in bank accounts in Uganda accessible only by the troops’ families. This payment debacle has left thousands of troops surrounded by tons of weapons and this has forced UPDF soldiers to sell their excess weaponry to intermediaries who then sell it on to al-Shabab, according to the findings. How bad is it? In April of 2011 the, U.N. determined that 90 percent of all 12.7 x 108 millimeter ammunition [in Mogadishu] was from an AMISOM stock created in 2010,” Pelton revealed. “An RPG captured from al-Shabab was analyzed and determined to have been delivered by DynCorp to the Ministry of Defense in Uganda. The contract was to supply weapons and ammunition to the Ugandan forces in Mogadishu.” This damning revelation comes days after Uganda’s army leadership suspended 20 army officers accused of selling food and fuel, meant for troops, on the black market. Brigadier Michael Ondoga, the Ugandan contingent head was among those suspended. Uganda’s privately owned Daily Monitor newspaper reported that Ugandan soldiers in Somalia often get only one meal a day because of the alleged theft and sale of food to private companies. Till t
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