At times I think the West, the ICC, USA, and all seemingly righteous judges of this galaxy have no right, have no mandate to judge, intervene and interfere with African politics and politicians.
Many times I look at Kagame and his ultimatums and I feel that he is the least understood man alive. No one seems to notice where he is coming from. No one seems to notice where Rwanda is coming from , no one seems to notice the plight of Africa. We have bad times, we have a fragile environment. We have problems only unique to us. Its only in Africa where a woman will give birth on a hospital floor by herself and its normal. Had it been in the west, many people would see the faces of a prison. It’s only in Africa where life seems to be less valuable than elsewhere. Right from the way we hop on boda bodas, to the way laws are passed, “shoot to kill”. As if you gave birth, you know the pangs of labor. With all the above, and the genocide to cap it up, the worst killing of this century, where many people were silent and Rwandese died alone in agony, the Kenyan elections where people tussled it alone, to the west gate of late where families rescued themselves, I find it ironic, that even in the midst of all that agony and misery, a weeping president can be made to leave his home, his crying country and made to fly here and there up and down like a yoyo, yet I haven’t seen Obama come to Kenya to even look at his own folk cry. You never know his second d half cousin died in that mall. Probably he was a chef in the restaurant at the mall, hell no, doe he even know? If at all he knows, maybe he has better things to think of. We get it. But then, why do they seem to be so concerned about our welfare , as if they really in the actual sense care. Yes our presidents may make selfish decisions and kill us on their way but what moral authority do they have over these men and how different are they anyway? They have drones stacked away, waiting to attack, but they come and make Uhuru’s life hell? What kind of double standards are those? The other day thy almost attacked Syria. And I gate Michelle wasn’t all for it , and thank God they heard her plea, I mean what good was got from attacking Iraq, what good was got from attacking Libya, by the way who the hell do they think they are? God or Jesus? Why do they want to fight all wars, as if people that began those wars can’t fight on their own? They say when you are rich you feel you have the world at your feet. A rich man will visit a poor man’s home and expect to be treated even better than the head of the house hold, which I find ironic. Because you have money and all, doesn’t give you license to feel like a small god suddenly over the poor. They too have likes and dislikes, or just because I don’t have money i can as well not have a brain. Yeah right if I had a brain why don’t I have money? At times I read such arrogance from America and all the Western countries towards the rest of the world, I just can’t help it. “Africa has so much on its plate, yes, our presidents are greedy, the don’t want to leave power and all, but don’t pretend to suddenly care how we live and feel yet we actually know you don’t. you just want to show us how powerful you are and how we should dance to your tunes which I find ridiculous.” well, that what I would tell those guys if u I had a chance to meet them face to face. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Am eagerly waiting for David Bahati and the awesome pastor sempa to be persecuted too, it will be the epitome of mockery. If I don’t behave in a certain way, if my culture doesn’t accept me to be gay, because you don’t have cultures but you have loads of money, doesn’t make it suddenly a sin to protect my boundaries.
I am waiting for that trial. Anyway, all said and done, I think the west should let us be who we are without interfering only when they deem it convenient for them. We have malaria that kills even more than any war has killed. If they loved us so much that they feel remorseful when we are killed in wars, they might as well first come and renovate our hospitals and first end this malaria blood bath. Then probably we might think they care.


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