For starters, don’t judge any of these guys without knowing whats behind their names. I will take that burden of telling you why they are called so.
first, chameleone is *areptile* and according to studies, a chameleone is well known for changing its true is also known for having adry and scaly body ( this is selfExplanatory).
Bebecool got his name (bebecool) from dictatorship and according to dictionaries and highly educated people, Adictator is someone who has absolute power. ( this is also selfExplanatory).
So in this case, we look @ “”AREPTILE VERSING ADICTATOR””
NAME HISTORY:::::: *Chameleone* Since his childhood, chameleone has been changing from triangle to rectangle. In 1988, chameleone cheered up the fight between Weasel and Lizzard and later put the accusations on aneighbour’s kid.
when he started schooling, it became worse since he could eat his friends eats and hide in th near by gardens when eating his own.
Today, chameleone is known for being with the highest enemies in the music industry and it is true that chameleone has really few friends who are musicians since he wants them to kneel before him.Chameleone also dropped his ex wife “Dolotia” because she had started running bankrupt.
*BebeCool* he was adictator and he is still adictator. ( I know you are wondering why i keep on calling him adictator) but let me explain why i call him so.
You always hear bebecool shouting how he mentored chameleone and bobiwine musically… truth be told, he never did so. its just because he used to have lots of money so he would order bobi wine to get for him agirl or some sadda (read weed) and so on., back in the days,he was having agood time with his friends and acertain chic but being adictator he was, he started bad touching th girl and th girl said to him, “baby kakana” so what bebecool did was to order some dudes to throw out the chic but ofcourse his friends knew that what the chic had said drove him (bebecool) off so they started calling him ‘baby kakana” whenever they were poking him.But as you know our uganda teens,they translated ”kakana” to “cool down”. so his nickname became “Babycooldown” and later re-nicknamed him ‘babycool” since babycooldown was so long to be used in ateen stage. but bebecool wanted to drop that name so he started calling himself “bebecool” but there was no big difference. thats why majority of his old friends still call him “babycool”.
So the disease that is disturbing this reptile and dictator is not “showbiz”,”ingnorance” or “stupidity” rather the “NAMES” they are being called.
Chameleone still changes every minute.
Bebecool is now apoor dictator who dictatorises everything. he now wants to PUT down anewspapper,TVstation,Radiostation which made him what he is today.
So the only remedy for this reptile and that dictator is *Changing Their Names*. HISTORY GOT FROM OLD FRIENDS………till then,,,,,
I remain yours truly muksSteven a.k.a AnOnlineMarketier


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