After taking too much of BOBI WINE, ACHAMELEONE enters into yo house and yhu start seeing it as AWEASEL.Yhu then run to AFANDE MEGADEE to get th AK47 so that you shoot th innocent chameleone yhu saw as weasel. As yhu reach few PETER MILES away from yo house,yhu meet yo friend DR.HILDERMAN who has xtra OBSSESSION for CHILLI GIRLS.reaching th WILLY MUKABYA highway, th vampire commonly known as VAMPINO tries to eat yo BAD BLACK skin leaving u with one option of sitting on th CAPTAIN SQOOTER so that it takes you to BABOON FOREST and meet G.N.L ZAMBA to show yhu th RED BANTON which can be used to tell th BUCHAMAN to send you ak.g of th WAFAGIO meat. As yhu are waiting for buchaman, yhu switch on th MOZEY RADIO only to hear that th RAT has eaten th CAPTAINDOLLAR which fell from th by passing CHOPPER CHOPPER after too much GRAVITY OMUTUJJU STRAKAd th chopper leaving th SIZZAMAN and many things down.
As you are cooking your wafagio meat, yo teacher “MASTER BLASTER” comes with th BANJO MAN and promises you EMBOOKO unless you bribe him with abottle of MIKIEWINE. reporting the case to the EMPRESS,th empress is like “BEBECOOL down” leaving you with achoice of suing yo teacher to court and use MUKSSTEVEN and STUPID ADVOCATES as your lawyers..


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