This really gets me comfused, do we still have “holiday makers” in uganda? for starters,i don’t mean “seasonal facebookers”
Now according to the research i have just completed,it shows that “7640” students have so far joined facebook this holiday out of whom 4894 are girls and 2746 are boys.
As you are still shocked with the number of the girls, you need to know their “targets” for joining facebook every holiday as well.
*they join facebook to get those celebrities phone numbers and messages so that they can go back to school and show off (read swagg)
*Majority of them join to get next term’s “pocket money”.yeah i said it,some are like real prostitutes calling every one on facebook “darling,sweet,one and only,dia (read dear) and so foth. ( let you not be fooled that one of these girls can call you “boo”. they don’t even know what it means) Girls in this category don’t give adamn on your age.(yes even if you are as old as her papa,she doesn’t want to know as long as you send/give her money) but you need to be vigilant on these girls because if you inbox/call them asking them to come over to your place,they don’t hesitate asking you for a20k for transport as if they are going to board “atrain”.
*Some upload their pics so that you can like them (and guess what,you also like them) if you don’t like their pics,they will inbox telling you to like their pics.
Some want to keep their phones busy by you calling them since they don’t want to do home chores and some signed up using their phone numbers but THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO REMOVE IT from the public eye since they are still virgin about facebook.
these join facebook for no good reason.
*Some join to keep themselves busy as they are waiting for that “sports BETTING” page to load. those in this category spend their holiday time in “Betting”.
*Some join to vibe that one kagirl who refused in schule. (but ofcourse if they see another girl’s photoshopped pic they wont hesitate sending his phone digits to her.
*Some join because its A. COM world (DOTCOM) but can spend aweek without checking in.
***A13 year old sends me afriend reauest*****
I remember last week i got afacebook request from agirl by the names of “Agnes” (real name). she was such anewbie that she didn’t know what “LOL” means, You know she sent the request when i was doing the research so i had to vibe her.vibed her and she accepted,she told me she’s in form 2.started telling me how rich they are so being broke i was,told her to send me some airtime and guess what?, she sent sh 30,000 on waridpesa (Yes i took it cuz i was broke) so she started asking me to go to their place since her parents are always @ their workplace during day time but being atrue man though still young, i could not sleep with her and what i did was to “BLOCK HER”
Facebook is the only affected social network since others are complicated.!.!.!.!.!

*Mukssteven on f.b a nd twitrer.
*mukasasteven on
skype and google+



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