Stete house *intelligence* revealed

Within the NRA structure there was this dangerous wing called ”Clandestine” . The ”Clandestine ” team was based outside Luwero Triange and mostly concentrated in Kampala. It was charged with among others sabotage to tarnish the image of goverment, intelligence gathering, managing safehouses for receiving and despatching fighters to and from the bush, trailing and locating targets that needed to be ‘eliminated’, receiving and redirecting fresh recruits to the bush, receiving the sick and injured from the bush, ‘knocking off’ errant members of NRA as was the case with Sam Magara and Sam Katabarwa. In one incident the Clandestine team invited Matayo Kyaligonza’s Black Bomber (Urban Hit Squad) to shoot and kill a UNLA Senior Officer at a popular drinking joint at Kisementi. By mistaken identity a DP Member of Parliament (MP) from Tooro, Hon. Bamuturaki was shot dead by Matayo Kyaligonza as the MP excused himself in the urinals of the pub. Ofcourse, as was the then order of the day, the UPC government and the UNLA took the blame. Kyaligonza’s Black Bomber caused alot of havoc in Kampala. Those security sweeps in Kampala (panda garis) would always be in response to the actions of the clandestine team and the Black Bomber.
Whenever, goverment security agencies would close in on a member of the Clandestine team, he would flee to the bush.
A number of them were either arrested, killed or detained. After coming to power, some members of the Clandestine team went into full time military service, others were appointed to public service positions while others were completely sidelined. Notable among the clandestine group was Sserwanga Lwanga, Innocent Bisangwa who hijacked the plane to Kasese in late 1985 and Andrew Lutaya the only civilian during the Kabamba attack. Nsaba Buturo the then District Commissiner of Kampala may have belonged to this team or was a mere NRA contact. The clandestine team still exists under the banner of President’s office or State House Intelligence. INFORMATION IS POWER


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