If you call out the name “bebe cool” in public, 46% of those people will think that you are refering to aman younger than chameleone and bobi wine,14% will inderstand the man who married Zuena,7% will understand aman who is always ”ateen” and 33% will understand aman who is th best in uganda. what you think of him is not the case today.the case today is of aman *WHO IS SUCCESFULL WITH AHOUSE BUT HAS NO HOME* (and this is where we all get lost) ma task to you is finding adifference between ”ahouse” and “ahome”.(yes, there’s abig difference as far as “manhood” is concerned).
*In today’s economy, everyone is obligated to having “amentor” but does bebe cool really have amentor? and if so, that mentor must be his son “Thiery”. (yes i said it without fear)
* bebecool,having paid th previous month to yo landlord doesn’t force you to make “Abottle-drink-up-party” @ yo rented house.your counterparts are busy doing investment in-from their homes.
you are 36,not justine bieber to make such parties. you will start doing such when you get ahome but for now,you are still as homeless as iam though am not your agement.
*Your dad’s home is not your home otherwise muhoozi wouldn’t be working.struggle for your own home,Zuena needs ahome.
*Stop posing with Thiery’s toy guns in your posters.
36 and you have never listened to P.diddy’s “Iam coming home” song? for yo info,there’s averse that goes “………. Ahouse is not ahome………..”
my brother bebecool,Don’t forget Goodlyfe’s song “Obudde” you not anAlien which doesn’t die!!!!!!!
***Call me whatever you want but two things you should know,*** i wish you the best*** and *****may you live to blow athousand ckaddles****
««««««««« FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY»»»»»»»»»


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